How to dress like Zack Efron

Zac Efronis the Brad Pitt of the teenage generation of the Noughties…a Hollywood hunk. Every girl wants to date him and every guy wants to be him . Zac’s style is all American, casual, preppy, comfortable and a lot trendier than most other actors out there. Fashionolia shows you guys how to achieve the same look Zac has, hopefully with a flock of ladies in tow.


This look is simple and it’s great for daytime, evening, or even work (if you can always wear the jeans for dress-down Friday). I love the classic plaid shirt, belt and slim fit jeans. The checked shirt is a key item for Fall 2010 so pop into Hennes or Topman for a similar style. Of course Zac is never without his Converse pumps, making even the straightest outfit look trendy.

This guy really knows the art of layering. Here, Zac is sporting a white t-shirt, with a denim jacket, skinny black jeans, black converse pumps and of course his Hollywood shades. Lots of stuff going on, but still very clean and well thought out. What I love about this look is that he’s wearing all the “staples”. You can use any of these pieces to formulate a million different combinations in your closet, but still throw it all together for a very polished look. Trendy and timeless.

This is a great outfit for a nighttime affair, maybe a party or a wedding. This look would even suit a works do. Zac looks like an old movie star when he slips on a suit and tie. He wears the clothes and doesn’t let them wear him. As you can see here Zac has three different ways to where his suit, first up is the casual daytime way to style this look with flip-flops and rolled up suit jacket sleeves. Also keep a few top buttons open to keep the look relaxed. Next up is Zac in his grey suit with black tie. This is very trend driven and was spotted all over the catwalk. This I think has to be my favourite Zac look. Lastly, this is the classic black suit, worn to a film premiere or an awards ceremony such as the Oscars. Make sure shoes and polished and hair is combed into place.

Whether it’s a straw fedora, belt, or tie – or all three together – the key to Zac Efron’s celebrity style is to accessorize. He makes a white dress shirt and fitted jeans go from simple to slick by adding a skinny tie, white belt and his trademark vest. He wears ‘em with a seriously fun pair of shoes – the Puma El Rey Monkey, which has monkey prints all over! To complete the look, you’ve gotta do your ‘do because Zac never leaves home without making sure his boy bangs are perfectly in place.

Here’s how to achieve that perfect Zac hairstyle

  • Place a small amount of gel wax into the palm of you hands and distribute evenly throughout your hair. By applying a small amount of gel wax you will create hold.
  • Using your blow-dryer and your fingers dry using this method. Use your blow-dryer and dry your hair using your fingers, separating your hair and allowing it to dry completely at the roots first then the mid lengths then the ends.
  • Apply a small amount of gel wax to your fingertips and pull through the ends of your hair in a downward motion to achieve a textured effect.
  • Style your bangs to the right using your gel wax, raking it through and sweeping the hair to the right as you go. This will give you shine and hold.
  • If you want a more textured look use more gel wax in the ends of your hair, pinching the ends whilst you go.
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